I will make and distribute these crosses which include
an epilogue to any and all who request them, for as
long as I am able.

I will do my best to be the hands that God uses to develop other sources of love and encouragement for his people, for as long as I am able.

I will hold confidential any and all information
provided to me out of complete respect
for your privacy.

-Glen A. Vodicka


I feel the need to explain the evolution of the hope cross project. I first started the site as a totally free spiritual contribution to mankind,... material costs, my time, shipping charges were all included.

The website response exploded in January of 2008 (see the statistics page). When I openned my AOL e-mail I had 1,000 e-mail requests from all over the world. As quickly as I could copy them they filled up again. By the end of the month I had 355,277 hits to my site from all over the world (62 countries to be exact). You might say that I was a little overwhelmed to say the least.

Just copying e-mails for processing was a challenge...what alone buying the very expensive Coco Bola material (approx $28.00 per board foot), copper wire and making the crosses which took approximately 20 minutes per cross.

I tried to keep up with the e-mail requests enlisting the help of the Algonquin, ill. Boy Scouts, family friends, my brother, assisted living centers and close aquaintenances. I managed to ship approximately 4,000 crosses free of charge but the costs became insurmountable. Contributions were few and far between and money ran out.

The end result was that I had to start charging for shipping costs which paypal dictates as non-variable for either domestic or international....$4.95/ shipment. The penny per cross charge was because paypal has to have a line item charge for everything on the order form. I thought that neither of these charges was unreasonable as the crosses were essentially free and if you considered the 2 cross limit for request you were getting 2 crosses for under $5.00.

I spent many "near all-nighters" but the blessings were many also. I am still making the crosses on a limited basis and with the required shipping charges will still ship them to you for your spiritual encouragement.

If you ordered a cross and didn't get one shipped to you ...this is the reason. For those that have labeled my www.thehopecross.com as a "non-responsive' or "phishing" site, this may give you a little more insight to consider before you make rash statements. The only fishing that I do is fishing for souls for the Lord.

Special thanks to Ken Prigge for his time and effort in bending the hearts, and to my brother Terry in Texas who helped make crosses, and to the countless people who contributed their time and efforts in this ministry.

Your friend in Christ,
Glen A. Vodicka

Contact us at thehopecross@aol.com
Artwork by Jane Busher